Physician & Nurse Practitioner


Provides pain and symptom management though professional and individualized care plans. The Medical Director is in charge of overall management of patients by the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team.



Our nurses visit the homes of our patients weekly or as often as needed.  The nurse case managers are responsible for designing the nursing care plan, and oversee that continuity of patient care is followed. They also keep constant communication with families to make sure all parties are involved with care plans!

Certified Nursing Assistant


A Hospice Aide may come regularly to assist in routine personal cares. Services may include bathing, washing hair, shaving skin, teeth care, changing linens, light housekeeping and patient positioning.

Social Worker


Social Workers are involved early on ignorer to assist in home planning, equipment needs, and financial resources. They serve as counselors working in a one-on-one or group basis to help families work together in stressful and unsure times.



Tends to the spiritual needs of patients and families as well as offered grief and bereavement support.



Visits the patient and provides non clinical activities. The patient and family determine if they would like a volunteer to visit, how often the volunteers will visit, and how long the visits will be.  Please navigate to the volunteer page for more info!

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