Understanding Hospice


Who qualifies for Hospice Services?

Individuals who have a life limiting illness and those who choose comfort care as opposed to curative treatment may qualify.  Each individual will receive a complete assessment to determine eligibility into the hospice program.

Who pays for Hospice Services?

Most people do not know that hospice services are covered 100% by their Part A Medicare benefit, with no out of pocket expense.  This is a benefit most individuals have paid into all their life and is available to you when you decide the time is right.  Most private insurance plans also cover hospice services.  Please feel free to call our office to see if your private insurance covers your hospice care!

What Does the Hospice Medicare Benefit Cover?

Your Hospice Medicare Benefit will cover medical and nursing care, social services, counseling, chaplain services, certified nursing assistants, medications delivered to the home, durable medical equipment and supplies for care, all in relation to the hospice diagnosis. 

Can I Discontinue Hospice Services?

Absolutely! Conditions may always change and a patient or family is always able to come off of hospice services. You simply must just notify us of your intent to do so and we will help from there. Signing off hospice does not impact the ability to elect the hospice benefit in the future.

Can I Request Services Myself or Do I Need a Doctor?

We can handle that for you! You may absolutely call to request a hospice evaluation yourself! After a team member of ours meets with you to discuss and set up an evaluation for hospice a member of our staff (or you) can reach out to your physician and let them know the plan.

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